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EZ Oil Drain Valve-  Adapters


Some oil pans are designed with a recessed drain port, which may prevent the valve from being installed properly.

If the valve cannot be tightened all the way without hitting the oil pan, please use an adapter. Install the adapter to the oil pan and then install your EZ Oil Drain Valve.

It is always recommended to check your oil pan to see if it is recessed or not. Please check our Sizes & Applications for complete details.



Part # Male Thread Female Thread
(Fitting Valve)
A-103 12mm-1.25 12mm-1.25 (EZ-103)
A-104 18mm-1.5 18mm-1.5 (EZ-104)
A-105 20mm-1.5 20mm-1.5 (EZ-105)
A-106 (short) 14mm-1.5 14mm-1.5 (EZ-106)
AL-106(long) 14mm-1.5 14mm-1.5 (EZ-106)
A-107 12mm-1.75 12mm-1.75 (EZ-107)
A-108 16mm-1.5 16mm-1.5(EZ-108)
A-109 12mm-1.5 12mm-1.5 (EZ-109)
A-22 (short) 22mm-1.5 22mm-1.5 (EZ7B)
AL-22 (long) 22mm-1.5 22mm-1.5 (EZ7B)
A-207 26mm-1.5 26mm-1.5 (EZ-207)
A-610 NPT1/4-18 14mm-1.5 (EZ-106)