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Straight Hose End

Straight hose end animation

EZ Oil Drain Valve - Straight Hose End


Hose Ends can be attached to the valves to
allow a hose connection and draining oil
away from engines with limited space.
Hose Ends may be removed after use.

  • Easily screws into the valve body
  • For Users that prefer using a hose to drain oil away from the eingine
  • For oil pans with a side drain
  • May be removed after draining oil


EZ Oil Drain Valve & Hose End Fitting Size Chart
Body Size Part Number Thread Size Drain Hole ID Hose End Size
Small Body
EZ-101 1/2'-20UNF 7.0 mm
H-001 (Straight)
L-001 (L-Shape)

Hose ID: 3/8"
EZ-102 PF-3/8 (G-3/8) 7.5 mm
EZ-103 12mm-1.25 6.5 mm
EZ-104 18mm-1.5 7.5 mm
EZ-105 20mm-1.5 7.5 mm
EZ-106 14mm-1.5 7.5 mm
EZ-107 12mm-1.75 6.5 mm
EZ-108 16mm-1.5 7.5 mm
EZ-109 12mm-1.5 6.5 mm
EZ-110 NPT 3/8-18 7.5 mm
EZ-111 14mm-1.25 7.5 mm
EZ-115 NPT1/4-18 6 mm
EZ-124 10mm-1.25 5 mm
EZ-125 10mm-1.0 5 mm
Medium Body
EZ-7B 22mm-1.5 9.0 mm
H-002 (Straight)
L-002 (L-Shape)
Hose ID: 5/8"
EZ-202 NPT 1/2-14 9.0 mm
EZ-204 3/4"-16 UNF 9.0 mm
EZ-206 7/8"-14 UNF 9.0 mm
EZ-208 7/8"-18 UNF 9.0 mm
EZ-2 18mm-1.5 9.0 mm
EZ-3 20mm-1.5 9.0 mm
Large Body
EZ-200 NPT 1-12 12.5 mm
EZ-201 NPT 3/4-14 12.5 mm
EZ-203 1"-18 UNF 12.5 mm
EZ-205 1 1/8"-12 UNF 12.5 mm
EZ-207 26mm-1.5 12.5 mm
EZ-209 1"-14UNC 12.5 mm
EZ-210 1 1/16"-12 UNF 12.5 mm
EZ-211 27mm-2.0 12.5 mm
EZ-215 1 5/16"-12 UNF 12.5 mm
EZ-5 25mm-1.5 12.5 mm
EZ-6 24mm-2.0 12.5 mm
EZ-7 30mm-1.5 12.5 mm
EZ-8 24mm-1.5 12.5 mm


The EZ Oil Drain Valve offers OPTIONAL HOSE ENDS